Laws & Administrative Rules

NHRS is governed by RSA 100-A. Click here to read the law.

In addition to RSA 100-A, NHRS is governed by administrative rules enacted pursuant to RSA 541-A.

Draft Revisions to Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules govern the activities of governmental units, including NHRS, and are intended to clarify ambiguities in the statutory law and provide guidance on procedural matters such as filing requirements and the like. Every 10 years, units of government generally must readopt their rules through a process overseen by the state’s Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR). This provides an opportunity to update the rules to reflect changes in the statute and administrative policies and practices. Below are the draft revisions to NHRS Administrative Rules RET 200, 300 and 400 that have been submitted to JLCAR and which address, respectively, the rules of practice and procedure, participation in NHRS, and the NHRS Code of Ethics. 

 NHRS is also the subject of a section of the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire:

Article 36-a [Use of Retirement Funds.] The employer contributions certified as payable to the New Hampshire retirement system or any successor system to fund the system’s liabilities, as shall be determined by sound actuarial valuation and practice, independent of the executive office, shall be appropriated each fiscal year to the same extent as is certified. All of the assets and proceeds, and income there from, of the New Hampshire retirement system and of any and all other retirement systems for public officers and employees operated by the state or by any of its political subdivisions, and of any successor system, and all contributions and payments made to any such system to provide for retirement and related benefits shall be held, invested or disbursed as in trust for the exclusive purpose of providing for such benefits and shall not be encumbered for, or diverted to, any other purposes. (Article adopted November 28, 1984)