Privacy Statement

In the State of New Hampshire, laws exist to ensure that government is open and that the public has access to appropriate information obtained and held by the governmental entities, including NHRS. At the same time, NHRS recognizes that personal information it collects should be used only for the business purposes for which it is collected. Except as authorized by law, such information will not be disclosed to other persons or organizations. Therefore, it is the policy of the NHRS that all personal information collected by the NHRS web site shall be subject to the following principles: 

  • Electronic information - information collected and held electronically shall be afforded the same protection as non-electronic information.
  • Collection of personal information - the collection of personal information shall be limited to and consistent with the requirements of the government program or activity.
  • Use of personal information - individuals shall be informed as to why information is being collected and how it will be used.
  • Disclosure of personal information - disclosure of information shall be limited to the purpose for which it was collected unless otherwise authorized by law; when practical and provided by law, information may be obtained from other government entities.
  • Access to personal information - individuals shall be allowed a reasonable opportunity to obtain access to their personal information and to ensure that it is correct.
  • Security precautions - reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure the security of personal information.