Retiree Forms

A signature is required for most forms; some forms may also require notarization. NHRS is unable to accept electronic signatures. All forms must be printed then signed. Submit completed forms to the New Hampshire Retirement System office by mail: 54 Regional Drive, Concord, NH 03301, by fax (603) 410-3501, or by email to

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Changing Personal Information
Personal Information Change Form

Change Tax Withholding
Form W-4P

Designation of Beneficiary Forms
Change of Death Beneficiary(ies) (Post-Retirement)
Death Benefits Designation of a Trust as Beneficiary
Post-Retirement Beneficiary Renunciation of Survivorship Pension
Termination of Benefit Option Form - Non-Spouse
Termination of Benefit Option - Divorce
Post-Retirement Spouse Survivorship Option Change

Electronic Direct Deposit
Election for Electronic Direct Deposit

More forms

Member Forms are available here.

Employer Forms are available here.