Working After Retirement

When members retire and receive a ServiceEarly Service or Vested Deferred Retirement pension from NHRS, any compensation they earn from employment in a position that is not an NHRS-covered position will not affect their pension. If retirees return to work in a full-time, NHRS-covered position, they will be restored to NHRS active service.

Disability Retirement benefits may be subject to gainful occupation offsets regardless of where the retirees work.

It is important that retirees contact NHRS to become fully aware of any possible impact on their pension before accepting any employment with an NHRS participating employer or to learn more about gainful occupation offsets to Disability Retirement benefits.

Legislation enacted in 2011 and revised in 2012 defines "part-time" employment for NHRS retirees in receipt of a pension who are working for an NHRS participating employer. For more information on this topic, see FAQ on Part-time Employment of NHRS Retirees. (Note: Legislation passed in 2018 will change the laws governing NHRS retirees who work part-time for retirement system participating employers. The changes take effect January 1, 2019.)